Automating Data Flow to Empower Users

Data management is a growing problem for today’s enterprises. With ever-increasing data volume, velocity and variety being collected, user’s requests for data are growing at a rate previously unimagined. Unfortunately, traditional solutions put the burden of building data pipelines on IT teams due to the complexity and skills required to learn, code and manage these processes.

In their quest to support the ever increasing demand of data consumers, IT teams have introduced modern data architectures that leverage Big Data technologies. These new systems come with their own set of challenges, requiring highly skilled technologists, again further burdening IT in the provisioning of data for their analytical users.

Meanwhile, users find themselves waiting for the data needed to fuel their analytics.

DataRoad Reflect solves these problems by automating the data flow process and empowering data users with a true self-service platform. Reflect’s intuitive web user interface provides access to data in a simple two-step process.
Data is in the hands of users within minutes, without the need for complex projects or costly custom development. This allows enterprises to reprioritize resources to focus on gaining insights to the data instead of preparing it.

Use cases include Data Scientists needing data to drive critical analytics, power users working in their own sandbox, data staging projects that cannot afford long lead-times, seasoned Big Data preparation teams tired of doing all the laborious manual data map-pings, or even organizations struggling with how to get started with Big Data.

Download the Reflect-Datasheet by Clicking Here:

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