Central States Signs Enterprise License Agreement to Use DataRoad Reflect


Hinsdale, IL, September 15, 2018 –(PR.com)– DataRoad Technologies LLC, a leading provider of modern software solutions that accelerate integration of complex data sources into analytic environments, announces that Central States, Southeast and Southwest Areas Health and Welfare Fund (“Central States”), one of the nation’s largest Health Funds in the country, based in Rosemont, Illinois, has signed an enterprise license agreement to use the DataRoad Reflect platform.

“Enterprises are struggling to keep up with their data demands. They need automated tools that help them ingest their data rapidly, so that they can get to the real work of analyzing their data and finding key insights that drive results,” stated Matthew Vranicar, President & CEO at DataRoad. “We are pleased to help our customers accelerate their data movement, automate on-going data pipelines and alleviate the stress of traditional approaches. Our zero-code, run-anywhere platform supports customers with either cloud or on-premise solutions.”

About DataRoad

DataRoad Technologies provides software and services that accelerate integration of complex data sources into data lakes, data warehouses and/or data marts to support critical analytical needs.

DataRoad Reflect is a next generation data integration solution that automates the process of loading data into nearly any system with zero coding required. Reflect automates the most common tasks in data integration allowing end-users rapid access to their data and enables developers to focus on SQL based transformations for complex tasks. Reflect’s unique agent-based architecture allows for tremendous scaling and deployment flexibility.

DataRoad has entered partnerships with Hortonworks, Cloudera, Snowflake, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce and supports the Reflect platform on these and other technologies, including Amazon Redshift, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Hive and more. DataRoad services customers throughout the world from its Chicago-area headquarters. For more information, visit dataroadtech.com

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